What is a CRS?

Certified Recovery Specialists (CRS) are part of a treatment team approach that Twin Lakes Center utilizes in its treatment model to provide clients ongoing support outside of the traditional individual and group settings. A CRS functions as part of a treatment team by collaborating with clinical staff to provide clients with additional support and guidance in their recovery process. CRS support services are voluntary for clients. A CRS can help assure that a client’s basic needs are met, help clients to build upon their strengths, help clients meet the goals they have established for their recovery, and help clients access community resources to further their recovery. 

Another primary area served by a CRS is responding to Emergency Room overdose clients. The CRS, often during non-regular business hours, will engage with potential clients that are brought to local emergency rooms following an overdose. The CRS will attempt to engage the overdosed  individual in face-to-face contact to gather screening information, answer questions, and overcome barriers to encourage the individual to enter into treatment. For clients wanting treatment, the CRS will work to admit clients immediately into Twin Lakes Center or assist them with admittance to another facility if needed.

Certified Recovery Specialists will also engage potential clients in a variety of settings including referrals that may arise from the judicial system, probation programs, penal institutions and programs, educational and guidance programs, community programs, and local churches. A CRS may also be called on to speak to various community groups and families regarding the CRS support program and addiction recovery.