Partial Outpatient

The partial program is the highest level of care offered for outpatient treatment. Clients will have a total of 22 hours of treatment per week. This involves four groups that are three hours in length and two individual sessions that are one hour in length. The partial program is a great step down for someone who is leaving residential treatment. Partial is also fantastic for those clients who are employed or otherwise unable to stay at the facility to complete residential treatment. The curriculum is based upon Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and the Twelve Step Program but is easily adapted to meet the specific needs of all patients.

Intensive Outpatient

The intensive outpatient level of care is a total of 9 hours per week. This consists of two groups which are four hours in length and one individual session which is one hour in length. The intensive outpatient program has a focus on relapse prevention as well as recovery topics that are decided upon by the group as well as the counselor who is conducting the groups.


Our outpatient level of care is treatment that is up to 9 hours per week and can consist of both individual sessions and group therapy. Patient’s will meet with the same counselor weekly and will create a treatment plan that is specific to them. The counselor will work with the patient to identify what their treatment goals are and the individual and group sessions will be used to work towards those goals.


Evaluations are used to determine a level of care that is needed for a patient. Patient’s would come in and speak with a counselor and based on the needs of the patient, the counselor would make a recommendation for treatment.