What is Recovery to Work?

Recovery to work is an innovative approach to addressing addiction issues in Somerset County. The Recovery to Work program is a collaborative of treatment resources, community resources, government and legal entities, and forward-thinking employers that want to give addicted people in early recovery an opportunity to create and sustain a new and better life for themselves. The program not only gives recovering addicts a hope for a better future but also will help create in them a sense of belonging to their community again.

Our Mission….

Operation Hope Shot is a community project committed to:

· Assisting people in early recovery in maintaining treatment and support and the necessary training and networking to obtain quality employment.

· Providing clients in early recovery a high degree of accountability to help reduce incidence of relapse.

· Providing Somerset County Employers with quality individuals to fill employment needs.

· Providing individuals in early recovery the hope for a bright tomorrow that encourages discipline, perseverance, and personal growth.

Contact Twin Lakes Center for more information on how to participate in the Recovery to Work program: 814.443.3639