The residential program provides the chemically addicted patient with a strong foundation for recovery. This program, based on a structured daily schedule, is designed to provide the foundation of a chemically free life-style. The patient participates in group and individual counseling, recreation, and support group activities. Individualized treatment in a small group setting is the key to this successful program.

Male Residential Unit

Twin Lakes Center offers inpatient treatment specifically geared to the needs of adult men. The environment is highly structured to decrease distractions and encourage the men to address the issues that directly relate to their addiction. Some of the topics include healthy relationships, addictive behaviors, trust and honesty, guilt and shame, and healthy leisure activities. The program focuses not only on relapse prevention but also on embracing recovery and learning to live life on life’s terms. Each male who enters treatment is treated individually, through both group and individual counseling sessions, to ensure that his needs are met on all levels.

Female Residential Unit

Women experience unique challenges as part of their addiction. Twin Lakes Center aims to address those individual challenges and empower every woman who completes treatment here to overcome whatever life has thrown at them to this point. The environment is very peaceful and secluded, encouraging the women to really focus on the experiences that have led them to this point and begin to heal. Topics include self-esteem, healthy relationships, building a stronger support network, dealing with trauma and abuse and managing difficult emotions in healthy ways. Women who practice relapse prevention skills but also learn to accept themselves for who they are, make peace with who they used to be, and strive for what they are capable of becoming in the future. Individual and group counseling provides a holistic treatment for each unique woman in residential treatment to encourage the best possible outcomes.