Q: What can be brought into treatment?
A: Click here to see our contraband list »

Q: How long is a residential treatment stay?
A: Our program is designed for 28 days plus your detox. However, we work to help you meet your goals so discharge is something that can be discussed with your counselor.

Q: What is visitation like?
A: We conduct family sessions on an individual basis. You would arrange the family sessions with your counselor.

Q: What can I expect from treatment?
A: Immediately upon entering treatment you will go through the admissions process which includes paperwork and an evaluation with our doctor. Then you will go to either the detox unit or the residential unit depending on your needs. If you need to detox, then you will enter the residential program after approximately 2-3 days. If you do not require detox, you will enter the residential program immediately.

Q: How can I give my lead at Twin Lakes Center?
A: After a period of 6 months clean time, you would simply need to contact the facility and they can set you up with a date and time to give your lead.

Q: Do you use a level system at your facility?
A: Yes. Our level system focuses on the progress and effort that patients are putting into the program. Patients must be on a level 2 to make phone calls.

Q: Is there a place to lock up my money/cigarettes?
A: Yes. We are able to lock up money and cigarettes.

Q: Can Twin Lakes Center provide transportation?
A: Yes. We are able to provide transportation to and from our facility.

Q: What happens if I have appointments prior to coming into treatment?
A: For court hearings, we make every effort to get them continued. If unable to get a continuance we would evaluate each individual case and make arrangements. For other appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.), we ask that you try to get them scheduled either before or after your stay. If unable to do so, we would again evaluate each individual case.

Q: How many patients are in a room?
A: Females have two patients per room and males can have either four or five patients per room. Each bed has a dresser to put belongings.

Q: What are your priority populations?
A: Pregnant IV users, pregnant substance users, IV drug users, all other users.

Q: Is your facility routinely searched?
A: Yes. We use a drug dog to search our facility routinely. We can also conduct room and person searches as needed.

Q: What should I do if I am unable to get through to the facility by phone?
A: If we are unavailable to immediately take your call, you are welcome to use the contact us form for non-emergency correspondence. If you are in crisis, please utilize the Accessline at 1-800-452-0218.

Q: What should I do if I do not have insurance?
A: You should contact your local Drug and Alcohol office which is sometimes referred to as the Single County Authority or SCA. They will be able to assist you with funding and getting into a treatment program. Click here for a listing of SCAs and their contact information »

Q: How do I enter treatment at Twin Lakes Center?
A: You would simply need to call the Somerset Main Campus at (814) 443-3639 and speak to the admissions secretary if you are interested in Residential Services. If you are interested in Outpatient Services you would call either the Somerset Main Campus or the Johnstown office depending on where you were interested in completing treatment. Please see the Referrals section for more detailed information and to view the admissions forms that include the information you will be asked when scheduling your intake.